How To Choose The Best Coach / Mentor For Your Blended Family

I’ll give you my six great tips on what is important to consider when you want to select the best coach / mentor for your blended family.

# 1 Google
Try Googling the person you are considering hiring and see what information is available on the web. Is he/she completely invisible or is there activity indicating current interest and passion?

# 2 Chemistry
Do you like him/her? Does his / her picture on the website show charisma?
Do you like the point of view and the way the coach writes blogs and articles? Do you feel connected to him/her? Do you feel the person behind the written word? Does the writing resonate with your own point of view? Would you like to learn from this coach and are you curious to get to know the person?

# 3 Spiritual Outlook
Do you see it as an advantage for you and your family that the coach has a spiritual outlook and combines his/her “hands on” coaching with a spiritual solution for your challenges? If this is important to you, it’s a good idea to find a mentor / coach who has grown / worked to develop their own spirituality.

# 4 Recognition
What do other clients say about the coach? Are there testimonials from clients on the site?
Has he/she written books / articles on issues about blended families? Google your way around to read a bit of it on the web. Like what he/she writes? Does it make sense to you?

# 5 The Coach’s Individual Results
Is it important to you that the coach has created his/her own functioning blended family or is it okay for you that he/she only has a theoretical knowledge?
The answer to this can be found on the coach’s website. Most likely under ‘About Me.’

If it is important to you that the coach has his/her own blended family, you can check if he / she draws on own experiences and what has worked for them in their sessions.

# 6 Write or call the coach
Call the coach to get a sense of his / her energy or write an email outlining your issues. Ask the coach to briefly describe what he/she thinks will be good ways of dealing with your challenges.

Use these 6 points when choosing a coach / mentor for your blended family.

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