How Do We Stop Treating The Symptoms And Instead Ask For Help in Due Time or Even Better Prevent Issues?

We do it in all sorts of areas. I do this in several areas. My clients do it to great extent. Particularly in their fusion families.

We are pushing a snowball in front of us. The warning lights HAVE come on. Several times. But we’re pushing and pushing until the snowball has become so big that we can no longer move it.

It has become a monster and frozen completely, turned into ice. JUST THERE we find out that we cannot remove it from the roadway. We must ask for help. NOW ….. EVEN BETTER YESTERDAY. Everything is chaos around us.


When the pain has become so intense that we can no longer stand it. When we can no longer bear to be part of our family, or be in pain, or with friends or at work. THEN we ask for help.

We are FIRST ready to change, when the pain of being where we are, is BIGGER than the desire to change.

Is that not something to think about?

We wait as long as we can before we ask for help.
For many families it has unfortunately gone so wrong, when they meet with me that it is close to impossible to undo the damage. Everything has been completely entangled, emotions run riot and the arguments are out of control. Unstoppable. And unfortunately to no use.

It really does not matter whose fault it is. Who said what. And why. It just feels important when in the middle of the discussion, but never in the long run.

I would like for us to become better at navigating and adjusting in accordance with the results we get in life. All around. In health, family, work, and mentally.

If you cannot single-handedly create the results you desire, ask for help. THE FIRST TIME. Do not wait until everything is chaos around you. And preferably in the beginning, so that you start out correctly!

You can also choose to play the money card. That you cannot afford help. To you I would like to ask: What is your family life, your health, your mental health worth?

If you were told that you had a terminal illness and it would cost $20,000 to treat or you would die. Would you then find the money?

YES it could be you. Think about it… If we want it bad enough, anything is possible.

Life is fragile and NONE of us know whether we are here tomorrow.

I think we owe it to ourselves and our families to do what it takes. EVERY TIME. And in time.

Write or call me today or tomorrow, or get help from the person you have always wanted to work with. Do it. It pays off.

Create a wonderful weekend.

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