Do You Feel Lonely In Your Blended Family?

A while ago I was interviewed for an upcoming TV show on a Danish TV station about the biggest challenges of the blended family, both from a professional and personal perspective.

I suggested to the reporter that we discuss the topic of loneliness, both about children and adults feeling lonely although they have family around them. We can help families to more intimacy and cohesion.

When we first began to unfold the topic, it dawned on us both that it is not only a dominant feeling in blended family, but often in traditional families as well. They’ve just never been asked about it.

In the fusion family is legitimate and understandable that we complain and feel lonely, including being outside the union with our partners and his / her children. It evokes others’ sympathy, understanding and care. We get absorbed in the feeling. We cultivate it.

Loneliness in the nuclear family often make people feel wrong, different and alienated. And does either make themselves or their family seem wrong. They isolate themselves mentally. Do not talk about their feelings. Suffer in silence.

The good news is that we can do something about loneliness, if we are willing to take responsibility for the feeling and practice in a new behavior.

Feelings of loneliness have nothing to do with whether you are biologically related or not. Fusion Family or not.

Loneliness feelings are proportional to your ability to share honestly and authentically with the people you live with. The more you share about yourself and your feelings without making your family wrong, the more they will want to do the same.

If you close your heart, distance yourself and play the role of a passive observer of your life, then it is bound to go wrong and loneliness occurs.

Practice sharing your feelings, tell how you feel. Start small and slowly, as you become comfortable with your new open style.

Also know that you will be a huge inspiration for the rest of your family.

Finally, I will remind you that love is the most important of all. So isn’t it worth trying to make sense of loneliness in life?

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