Are You Taking Too Much Responsibility in Your Fusion Family?

During my training as a Spiritual Mentor I encountered parts of myself, I have never noticed before. I even start sweating when new and deep knowledge insists on being integrated into my cells.

At first I thought it was due to a sudden onset of menopause, but now I know the symptoms and know that there is growth behind the sweating.

What a journey I’m on. It also affects my fusion family. I no longer play the role as victim or a martyr so often. So I get new results. Better results and much more in accordance with my wishes.

I now understand that when I take more than my own 100% responsibility, then the rest of my family members do not have to take their 100%. If I take both their and my own 100% responsibility, they do no take responsibility at all. Interesting…

I just need to take 100% responsibility for my own actions and feelings and let other people do the same. I am not responsible for saving them and fixing their challenges. Not even my family’s.

When my son Jonas told me about a challenge he had, I automatically rolled my consulting engineer’s business out overloading him with well-intentioned ideas for solutions and opportunities. It never worked. He got angry. I was irritated and disillusioned.

Now I do something different. I have stopped being the counseling mother and replaced her with a caring and curious mother who asks questions about how it feels and how he would solve his challenges. I let him take the responsibility and guide him to go with what feels like the right solution.

This continues to work for my family because I have closed down the Consulting Engineering business. What a relief for me. And for them.

I can only say: Practice. It makes room for magic when you no longer feel exhausted by the huge responsibilities you thought you needed to take.



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