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Do you dare being yourself as a stepparent or are you afraid of your stepchildren?

As I sat in my bathtub this morning, I suddenly remembered an episode I experiences years ago with my fusion daughter, which immediately changed my view of my role in her life. Until that day I had incredibly difficulties saying no to my fusion children Oscar and Andrea. I was somehow afraid of them. Afraid […]

Do you build your blended family on the feeling of guilt and do your ex’s words have more meaning than yours?

I was happy to have begun writing ‘Check your foundation of your blended family’ for my new digital training for Danish fusion families, when it suddenly dawns on me, why it is sometimes impossible and confusing to get a fusion family to work. Fortunately, I also know that we can do something about it, if […]

Fill your role as step-parent and feel your eligibility…. straight to the heart.

My husband’s phone is ringing. It is my son Nicklas. He wants to talk to his fusion dad. After many years of cohabitation, it is obviously not so strange, but when I start to sense the conversation’s content and seriousness, I get up to find my own phone. I’ll just check and to make sure (just […]

A system to deal with the difficult conversations in your blended family!

In a depressed and bad mood, everyone keeps to him or herself and wishes that this would pass quickly so the mood in the house will change. Nobody in our family says anything. It feels like a bad dream you just want to wake up from. The entire house reeks of negative vibes and bad […]

What are your “triggers” in your blended family?

In my newletter last month, I wrote about “triggers” in a blended family. I have just been on vacation with my fusion family (and my parents and my sister and her family) and felt on my own body how important it was to know my worst “triggers”. It really helped me, so now  I want to […]

Child disciplining is a source of eternal disagreements – understand why and what you can do about it

Do you know the feeling of discovering that you suddenly find yourself fully engaged in “arm wrestling” with your partner? In a heated discussion where one word becomes many unintended words. You have stopped listening long ago. You are only concerned with one thing. Being right. Winning the discussion. At any cost. The arguments no longer […]

5 tips to survive by when your boyfriend says he does not like your children

– “I do not like your children” – is the worst sentence you as a parent can hear. And especially when it comes from one’s partner. It is almost unbearable. You are ready to leave him/her on the spot! Our spontaneous reaction will be anger or grief. We are fiercely defensive. We defend our kids […]

All hell broke loose and destroyed the vacation in the stepfamily

Most of us have done status here after the summer break, evaluating on the vacation with your and maybe our children. Did we have a good time? Was the atmosphere pleasant? Did the family have fun together? We analyze the vacation and all the situations and conclude that – yes – the beginning of the […]

Are you afraid that your boyfriend doesn’t like my children? KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THESE THOUGHTS

Today I want to share a part of my own story with you. When I got to know my current husband, I started noticing my thoughts about my boys and my relationship with them.I tried to envision us through my husband’s eyes. Imagined what he thought about us. And what I wanted him to think […]

VACATION TIME! What If You Don’t Like Your Stepkids?

It’s vacation time, but what do you do, if you do not like your partner’s children? The summer vacation is approaching and you feel the unrest and resistance grow. You are uneasy about spending the summer vacation with your partner’s children. Fact is that you do not like them and would rather not spend your […]