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How To Choose The Best Coach / Mentor For Your Blended Family

I’ll give you my six great tips on what is important to consider when you want to select the best coach / mentor for your blended family. # 1 Google Try Googling the person you are considering hiring and see what information is available on the web. Is he/she completely invisible or is there activity […]

Are You Okay With Being Who You Are?

I’ve been a part of my fusion family for more than 10 years. It’s been a long journey. Back to myself. When I moved in with my husband I had no idea how much it would require of me. I did not know then that it would be the core of a massive personal development. […]

Miracles Happen When the Emotion of The Blended Family Is Used As a Catalyst For Personal Growth.

Fusion family or not, everybody wants the same; a nourishing relationship with their family. Being in a family where there’s okay to be who you are. Where love is unconditional and not dependent on how you behave and what you do. To know you are loved no matter what. Projections and arguments accumulated to win […]

Do You Feel Lonely In Your Blended Family?

A while ago I was interviewed for an upcoming TV show on a Danish TV station about the biggest challenges of the blended family, both from a professional and personal perspective. I suggested to the reporter that we discuss the topic of loneliness, both about children and adults feeling lonely although they have family around […]

Are You The Heroine And Your Ex The Villain?

Most of my clients are women. They exhibit a specific behavior in relation to their ex. They compensate. If their ex does not behave towards the children as they think he should, then they try to balance things on their side. I coached a woman with two boys. The boys complained that they had too […]

Seen From The Outside, Do You Have Everything That Would Make You Happy

A while ago I watched the broadcast “Stop the Rat Race.” I cried . I was so distraught over the values ​​we live by in Denmark . The woman in the broadcast was sadly just one of many. It was never intended that we should work so hard for our college degree, so we can […]

Do your kids decide when they want to be with you and with your ex?

When kids are 12 years or older it is often the case that they have more and more influence on when they will stay with. It is like that in my life. My oldest son stayed more and more often with Jégwan and I. It was more convenient for him due to his work and […]

You are so selfish. What about me?

When I was a child I let my girlfriends consistently determine the games we would play. Avoided skillfully situations where there was the slightest risk that I could be called selfish. A selfish person was the worst. The synonym for a bad person. I felt a great inner satisfaction by keeping an eye on the […]

Increase Being Present in Your Life and Understand Why the Family Does Not Always Feel Close to You

I always thought that in relation to my own fusion family and my extended family I would always be able to feel an intense presence. A loving complicity and a deep sense of cohesion. The kind of feelings I thought came with our common history. The family bond. It has been great grief to me […]

Are The Clubs You Are a Member of Good for Your Blended Family Life?

I recall with pleasure my teenage years where I almost blended perfectly with my girlfriends. We used the same slang, were wearing the same clothes, were in love with the same boys, saw the same TV shows on television. It was like being a member of a special club for a selected few. There is […]