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How Do You React When People Indirectly, Without Words Reach Out To You?

What would our world look like, if we gave our fellow human beings what they need, when we meet them? How would my mom feel like, if I give her the care she needs, when she is holding her stomach and with a faint voice says hello, when she lets me in? What would happen, […]

When Fear of losing Love Makes Us Boundless

We do not set boundaries. At the moment. Even though we recognize it, we should do so. We let it go. Although the experience takes hold of us, we allow it, without standing up for ourselves. We trivialize it, as “it’s nothing,” “it is not so important”, “it does not matter,” “she is right and […]

Do you get done what you want in your life? Are you in an action-SPIRAL or in a inertia-SPIRAL?

Most of us know deep down what is good for us. What is needed, is that we have the optimum in all our areas of life. We know what and how to eat. We know how to work-out. We know if the job we have, has been nourishing for us, or simply a source of […]

Do You Feel Like You Are on Constant Alert 24/7? Ready For Battle? Ready to Escape From Your Stepmom Role.

When we moved in 12 years ago, I began to sense what awaited me. It began as an increasing inner turmoil, I gradually felt more and more uncomfortable in my own home. And in my own body. I was on constant alert 24/7. Ready for battle? Ready to escape? Ready to defend myself? Maybe all […]

Are the DISCUSSIONS with your partner FUTILE? Understand WHY and WHAT you can do about it.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I INTERRUPT A DISCUSSION YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE HAVING AND I ASK YOU: “WHAT DID YOUR PARTNER JUST SAY?” OR I ASK YOUR PARTNER WHAT YOU JUST HAVE SAID. Most likely your answer is that you don’t know. You did not listen, because you are both concerned about the next argument. […]

We get together. We leave each other. But we are still going after LOVE.

I love that so many couples dare to go after love once again. Although they have children. And although it went wrong the first time. I get so happy every time I meet people who are going for it again. And again. They believe in love. Fight for love. For love makes us feel good. […]

Are you constantly arguing about the children? Understand why and what you can do about it.

He was too tough with my boys when he corrected their behavior. His charisma was too direct. Too strict. I thought. I was sure that my boys could not tolerate his way of acting! That was indeed what I angrily told him. Or more exactly yelled at him. I thought it was about him not […]

Letter To My Daughter’s Stepmom

I had this beautiful letter translated from a Danish Magazine Ude & Hjemme – written by Louise Søgaard. Read it and shed a tear. This letter from a mom to her daughter’s  stepmom will change your life. TO MY DAUGHTER’S STEPMOM I never wanted you here. You were not part of my plan. When I […]

How Do We Stop Treating The Symptoms And Instead Ask For Help in Due Time or Even Better Prevent Issues?

We do it in all sorts of areas. I do this in several areas. My clients do it to great extent. Particularly in their fusion families. We are pushing a snowball in front of us. The warning lights HAVE come on. Several times. But we’re pushing and pushing until the snowball has become so big […]

Are You Deep Inside Afraid of Your Partner’s Children?

When I met my husband 12 years ago, I never imagined that his two children would become the source of my greatest personal development. I grew up with a belief that it is the adults who have life experience and live out their wisdom. They know how to live life the right way. It is […]