• I believe that we need to be seen, heard and recognized for the people we are. And not only for what we do.

    I believe that both children and adults need to feel valuable in the family.

    I believe that we all yearn to feel unconditional love for ourselves and for others. Because that’s what we come from.

    I believe in the many mothers and fusion mothers I have met and those I will meet.

    I believe in their leadership and desire to take 100 % responsibility.

    I believe in their love and commitment to create the family they dream of.

    I believe that we create our lives from the inside out. That the world is a mirror of us.

    I believe that the contrasts and resistance we encounter in life are opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

    I believe that the Universe lovingly supports and guides us to live a life in accordance with our essence and purpose.

    I believe in yoga as a way of being in the world.

    I believe in the loving and authentic heart-meeting between people.

    I believe that we are all connected.

    I believe in a freedom- based lifestyle, where you combine travel experiences with work. Where you take your work with you around the world to Bali, California, Florida, Canada, Spain or Italy.

    I believe that vulnerability is our greatest strength.

    I believe in the inner transformation by the encounter with another human being light and higher vibration. I think that love, acceptance and gratitude heal our wounds.

    ……. I believe in dancing.

The Official Part

Charlotte Egemar Kaaber is The Fusion Family Mentor. She is the author of the successful books The Fusion Family – How to succeed with your blended family and The Fusion Family’s FIRST AID KIT – Problem Solver For The Blended Family.

She has been part of a blended family herself for more the ten years. She is married to Jégwan and is the proud mother and fusion mother of four children. She lives with her family on Sealand in Denmark.

Trough mentoring and spiritual tools Charlotte helps fusion families worldwide to create the blended family life of their dreams: The Spiritual Mastery Of Blending Families. She is a passionate speaker and workshop leader who loves to travel around the world, both for business and pleasure. Preferable with her husband. And both with or without the four children.

“I think being a part of a blended family is the most challenging thing I have ever experienced in my life. On a daily basis I found myself in situations where I was controlled by irrational emotions. Unable to imagine a solution. I needed Jégwans perspective to understand what was going on inside me and outside in our family. Emotionally I was really challenged. It was like being a part of an intensive workshop in personal development. Only they forgot to give me the coffee breaks.

Charlotte Egemar Kaaber is also certified as Spiritual Mentor, Yoga-teacher, Life & Business Coach. In Denmark she is also know for her involvement in Denmark’s largest construction projects, latest the Copenhagen Metro Project.

The Fun Part

I love to travel around the world combining work and pleasure.

Over the past 10 years I have uplifted and inspired hundreds of women to be empowered, so that they can create the life they dream of. Women, who create their family lives from the inside and out, are transforming the world.

I work according to this philosophy: All outer change starts from within. Therefore, I work only with women (and also like their partners) who are willing to take 100 % responsibility for their lives and for the results they have created. And who wants to attain personal growth, which is associated with living in a fusion family.

My own inner transformation began when I met my husband 12 years ago. I was alone with my two boys. Moving along with Jégwan and his two children kick- started my spiritual awakening.

This has resulted in two published books. I have passed on my experiences and insights in The Fusion Family books.