It gives you a superb overview of the blended life’s many minefields and a consciousness that enables you to emphasize on what exactly it takes to TRANSFORM your fusion family life. And the relationship with your ex.After reading The Fusion Family, you will know exactly what you and your partner need to work on, so that your family will succeed.

“I wish my mother had read it when I was a child” – Penelope
“Thank you for the Fusion family – we have gained some insight” – Christina

HOW CAN THIS BOOK HELP YOU? (from the back page of the book)

In a time when divorce rates are higher than ever before—especially in blended families— The Fusion Family offers welcome guidance, practical advice, and easy-to-apply solutions and tools for families in transition.

Charlotte Egemar Kaaber is a fusion family coach, as well as a fusion mother and mother of four children.

Relying on her professional and personal experiences as well as interviews with other blended families, she provides a comprehensive handbook aimed at helping families build the kind of strong foundation that enables everyone to stay united, even during the family’s most challenging times.

Kaaber shares thought-provoking inspiration and ways to succeed for a wide range of applicable issues;

including communicating with an ex-spouse
disciplining children in a blended family
establishing new traditions and memories
dealing with jealousy among the children and parents
being present and creating security.

The practical advice, tips, and tools included in The Fusion Family will help any newly-blended family understand and overcome challenges to create a new future together.

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It shows you a place where you can go, when you need help/advice on how to handle a specific challenge.

A book with inspiration, answers, new perspective on challenges you have. You can use the book as a work of reference. I’ve collected my best blog posts from my site and written new ones.

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