YOU ARE A MOM dreaming about moving forward with this handsome and wonderful man you have met? You can’t wait to be a REAL part of his everyday life, if it wasn’t for that nagging inner voice constantly warning you against taking THAT step.

What if it doesn’t work! What if it turns out to be a nightmare! What if you can’t get along with his children?

What if you end up arguing about the children all the time?

You have heard a MILLION stories from your friends struggling in their blended families. You don’t wan’t to end up like them. No way! Their experiences scares you.

You get a knot in your stomach by the thoughts of ALL the potential threats of moving in together. You feel overwhelmed.

For you, it is not an option to drag your children through another break-up. They have already suffered enough!

Your beautiful dream of a new loving family-life is replaced with worries, concerns and ”what ifs.”

If you can relate to this continue reading.

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was there. 12 years ago.

I was so in love with this wonderful man named Jégwan.

I really wanted to move foreward with him and his two children. He even had a daughter (I only have boys)! What a beautiful bonus for me.


My friends warned me: Wait until your children are older. It won’t work. I tried it myself. Parenting other people’s children is awfull.

I didn’t listen. I just smiled. They didn’t know THIS guy.

I thought, we love each other, that is all that matters. Our love will conquer any challenge we meet. Nice and easy. No drama in my life.

Little did I know at that time!

This is why I created this INTENTIVE for you and your partner. I don’t want you to have to go through all the frustration and massive challenges I did 12 years ago.

I want you to start YOUR new family-life in a way that gives you and your beloved the best changes possible to create something beautiful together.

I want YOU to have that profound confidence in knowing EXACTLY what it takes to create a healthy foundation for your family to grown from.


I didn’t want my boys to go through another break-up turning their lives upside down. Because of me. Again.

I did everything I could to make their lifes as easy as possible. Trying my best to compensate for my choices.

At the same time I was also challenged by BEING MYSELF and staying wholesome, when dealing with Jégwan’s children.

I was constantly out of touch with myself and would play on their side of the field. Always trying to figure out, if they liked me. Evaluating if I was on the right track.

Honest to God, I was so afraid of his children and my role as a stepparent. It scared the hell out of me! I was trying to convince myself to take it easy and that it was ”only” children I was dealing with.

But I knew deep down in my heart, that if I didn’t get it right, he would leave me. I HAD to like them. And they HAD to like me. We had to get along. My life was depending on that outcome.

In all my eagerness to please and do everything I could to make his children like me, I lost myself. I gave away all my power to them. If they smiled and looked happy, I concluded I was doing fine. If not, I right away assumed that it had something to do with me. That I was not okay.

Soccer Referee Showing Yellow Card

Before long I was exhausted and drained from energy in every cell of my body. Instead of taking responsibility for how I felt, I started getting angry.

I found my self-worth by pointing out flaws and shortcommings in his children. Telling Jégwan what I didn’t like about his children. Do you think he heard my words? No. Not even one of them.

The result? Another heartbreaking argument, that scared the children and left us disheartened.

In my quiet moments I knew deep down that there HAD to a way to create a fusion family-life where EVERYBODY can be who they are. Where NOBODY has to change for ANYBODY. Where I could feel good about myself, my boys and at peace, no matter what my family was ”pulling” me through.

That was my big dream. I had no idea how to get there.

I didn’t know at that time, that it was ALL about me, and had NOTHING to do with the children, my husband or my exhusband.

I asked the Universe for help and guidance. I started reading books and taking courses, which gave me new insight and inspiration. Slowly my spiritual awakening emerged.

Consciously I began to work on not leaving myself when things got difficult and I felt the familiar massive ressistance against standing up for myself, my values, feelings and my desires.

I practiced taking personal leadership for who I was, for the good and for the worse.I showed the children in words and actions how I got back on track, when I felt out of integrity and got ugly and childish.I showed them all of me. Also the pieces I didn’t like about myself. I stopped explaining myself, my needs, demands and the things I valued as important.

I got rid of my perfection mask and replaced it with autenticity. I wanted to be a rolemodel for my children, by showing them that being me is more than enough. I didn’t have to be more than that and neither did they.

By slowly taking back my power and taking the leadership for myself and my family, I felt more empowered, loved and aligned with myself, my husband and the children.

I began feeling the closeness and a deep sense of connection and beloning that I haddreamt about.It was there now. I felt it. I was a part of. In the mittle of it.

The feeling of closeness became apart of my life. Of me. Of my way of showing up in the world.

My fusion family life showed me the way back to myself.

Fast forward to today. From the deepth of my heart I can proudly and humbly say, that Jégwan and I have created a happy fusion family. When I look at our four beautiful children, I am so proud. Of them and of us.

I am so fortunated that they love being with each other and with us. I am so thankful for that.

I want you to feel that way too.

You too can create a blended family-life, that you love being a part of and I will show you how. I promise to hold your hand on this journey.

If you have read so far, you already know that you ARE going to go for the LOVE. I want you to be proud of yourself. To be brave. And not settle for less.

You are such a beautiful rolemodel for your children, because love is ALL that REALLY matters in this world.

I will teach you everything you need to know to be able to create a healthy foundation for your family. I also make sure that you arrive safely in you new Fusion Family Home with a set of tools to help you navigate in your everyday-life challenges……..and to know how to have the best relationship with your exhusband.

If you want to get to know me a little better, I invite you to read my blog and my books.



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